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List of speakers and abstracts

There are no open slots for additional speakers at this time.

If you have indicated that you would like to give a talk on the registration form, then we may contact you regarding this if a slot becomes available.

Mini courses: 

Plenary speakers:

Alexandra Blessing (Neamţu)

Benjamin Gess

Anne de Bouard

Dominic Breit 

Konstantinos Dareiotis

Benedetta Ferrario

Franco Flandoli

Martin Hutzenthaler

Christian Kuehn

Federica Masiero

Annie Millet

Michael Salins

Rongchan Zhu

Invited speakers:

Luigi Amedeo Bianchi 

Sonja Cox

Ana Djurdjevac

Lucio Galeati

Hermen Jan Hupkes

Elena Issoglio

Kristin Kirchner

Oana Lang

Theresa Lange

Mario Maurelli

Carlo Orrieri

Umberto Pappalettera

Luca Scarpa

Stefanie Sonner

Margherita Zanella

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